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Humanitix host best practices
Humanitix host best practices
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❤️ We’re so happy you’re here and have decided to host your event with Humanitix! As a host on our platform, you are helping to make a lasting impact towards a brighter future for disadvantaged children.

Humanitix is a lively community full of unique events thanks to you - the hosts! Just like you, we want buyers and attendees to have the best experience possible.

So we’ve created a few tips we find that typically make for a great event experience from start to finish:

Have a clear refund policy

“Am I eligible for a refund? If so, how can I get a refund?”

No one likes to hand over their money without understanding the risks. This is especially true for live events coming out of the pandemic years.

Be kind to your buyers and set a refund policy ahead of time. Here are some tips to set a refund policy.

ℹ️ Make your life even easier and have hours of your life back! You can enable Automatic Refund to allow buyers to cancel and refund tickets by themselves per your refund policy, so they don’t need to reach out to you.

Keep in touch

“Where is the host when I need to edit my dietary requirements?”

You own your events.

From time to time, your attendees will have questions and need to contact you.

⚠️ The email address you used to create your Humanitix account is the default email that will receive any buyer/attendee correspondence. It is crucial to ensure that this inbox is monitored.

You can add more recipients' emails to manage these communications for a specific event or your entire account.

Set expectations

“The host didn’t even reply… I have no idea what is going on, and I feel scammed.”

It is a great idea to specify how long it will take to reply to buyer/attendee enquiries.

You can add this to your event description or create an auto-reply on the email address to receive these notifications.

This will give your buyers/attendees confidence that their enquiry has been received and prevent them from sending multiple messages to you or reaching out to Humanitix.

ℹ️ We recommend specifying a turnaround time of 3 business days. This is reasonable for the buyer, and should give you ample time to respond.

That’s all, folks…

Implementing these simple steps will make an excellent foundation for managing your attendees' needs!

For legal information and your duties as a host on our platform, please read our host Terms and Conditions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us by first checking out our help centre.

Happy Hosting!

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