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Schedule an event sales report delivered via email
Schedule an event sales report delivered via email

Tired of logging in to the console to pull up-to-date sales stats? Fed up with your stakeholders or venue managers constantly pestering you?

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Keep your venue managers and stakeholders up-to-date on your events progress with an automated event sales report emailed on a weekly or daily basis. The event sales report is a breakdown of your event sales by event date tracking sales across ticket types, add-ons, and donations, including the number of items sold and sales revenue*. You can track sales within the last 24 hours and cumulatively.

*Sales figures may not equal ‘earnings’, i.e. the amount paid to you, as this report tracks the ‘face value' of the item price and does not take into account any absorbed fees or taxes that may be specific to your events

✅ To generate an event sales update at any time

  1. Head to the reports > event sales update page via the top menu bar

  2. Select all ‘live’ events or events that ended within the last 2 days you wish to see a sales update for

  3. Click Get report

Events are listed by event name and then event date (if multiple)

To download this report, schedule a report to be sent to your email address.
You can also send a test email to receive an instant report.

📨 Schedule a new report to be sent via email

  1. Select scheduled reports on the side menu bar

  2. Select all ‘live’ events to include in this report

  3. Set a send-at schedule for the emailed report. This can be sent either daily or weekly and on specific days and times of day

  4. Add in all send to email addresses by clicking add email

  5. Click save

Note: Reports are sent out according the time / timezone set on your device

Example event sales update

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