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Event banner image

An event banner is the first step in creating an engaging event page and helps to draw attention to your event and convey key details.

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The event banner is the primary image for your event and sits at the top of the event page.

You will be prompted to add a banner image during the event creation process; however, you can edit or add this later.

Add your banner image

  1. Select your event via the events tab

  2. Head to the event information > details page

You have 2 options:
​A. Upload an image from your device

Click upload an image and select your file from your devices storage folders

Images must be a minimum 1000 by 500px and in a 2:1 ratio. Images outside of this ratio will be cropped.

For optimal display resolution:

  1. Size the image as 3200 by 1600px

  2. Keep the image file less than 10MB

​B. Design on Canva

Use our nifty integration with Canva to create beautiful, perfectly sized event pages in minutes! Upload your existing designs or create and edit new ones.


πŸ’‘ Tips:

  • Images must be in JPEG, PNG, GIF (still images only), or SVG format. Not sure? Right-click on your image file and select properties (PC) or get info (Mac)

  • Not sure of your image? Right-click on your image file and select properties (PC) or get info (Mac)

  • Looking to add more images to your event? Insert them into your event description via the basic information page. Click the image πŸ–ΌοΈ icon in the event description action bar.

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