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How much of the booking fee goes to charity?
How much of the booking fee goes to charity?

Wondering how booking fees applied to your events tickets help fund charities across the globe?

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All the profits made from our booking fees go to our education projects.

Humanitix is a registered charity. Humanitix has no shareholders, pays no dividends, and has no investors to pay back. It's why our booking fees are often lower than other platforms, yet we can still contribute so much to education projects.

How does Humanitix work? πŸ€”

Everything we do is about closing the education gap, we do this by funding education initiatives. We're a charity, not a business.

Booking fees, not donations πŸ’Έ

Booking fees charged on paid tickets generate our donations. Rather than asking for donations, we choose to be self-sufficient by offering the best ticketing platform out there because according to our motto every ticket counts!

Let's use a $50 ticket as an example

A $50 ticket on our Australian standard rate incurs a booking and processing fee of 4% + 99c (excluding booking fee taxes), which equals $2.99.

This $2.99 booking fee covers:

  • All Visa/Mastercard charges (American Express incurs an extra 1.1% fee)

  • The costs of hosting Humanitix on the internet, and running the organisation

  • Funding for our education projects

Covering our costs is about hard choices that maximise our impact πŸ—£οΈ

As well as funding our education projects, we use booking fees to cover our costs, build new features and take on competitors, all so we can increase our impact. These decisions are made with gravity and seriousness – every dollar either goes to education projects, or to something that will help us increase the impact and scale of those education projects.

We'd never choose to spend on a billboard ahead of funding our education projects, but sometimes we know that investing that money in a new feature will mean more ticket sales (and that means more booking fees for our education projects). and Atlassian Foundation gave more than a million dollars in grants to get Humanitix started, all so we could build the outstanding platform you see today.

It's all about closing the education gap πŸ“š

We're driven by maximising the scale and impact of our education projects. Our education projects are why we do what we do. When we grow, so does our impact.

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