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Can my booking fees go to a charity other than Humanitix?
Can my booking fees go to a charity other than Humanitix?
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Our commitment

We’re committed to closing the education gap around the world so 100% of our booking fee profits go to our education projects. This is how we can make lasting and scalable change through our platform.

Our project partners are evidence-based and work to make long-lasting systemic change, utilising both international and local delivery partners. Find out more about the work they’re doing and how your event can support via our impact page

At this time we can’t direct our profits to other causes or charities but read on to see how Humanitix is committed to supporting events running in the name of social enterprises

We 💖 not-for-profits and social enterprises - here’s how we can help

Instead of donating booking fees outside of our existing education projects, we instead offer approved organisations a discounted booking fee. Check out our fees and pricing page to find out the rate in your currency.

These are our most affordable rates to support your event, helping make your events more accessible while taking home more of your ticket sales.

Since we started, we have saved not-for-profits thousands and thousands of dollars. All you need to do is get in touch!

💕 Is your organisation an NFP or registered charity? Or are you running an event in support of one?

Reach out to set up the discounted rate for your event(s)


🏫 Are you running events on behalf of your school?

Humanitix loves education! That’s why we’re committed to offering the same discounted rate to schools.

Apply for our discounted NFP rate

  1. Sign up with an account on our platform here

  2. Log in

  3. Click on our chat bubble to the bottom right to send us a message

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