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Why are you requesting my taxpayer information? (U.S. citizens)
Why are you requesting my taxpayer information? (U.S. citizens)
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If you use Humanitix Payment Processing in the US, the IRS requires Humanitix to issue a Form 1099-K. Humanitix requires that you fill out your Form W-9 in order to receive your payouts.

If you're a non-U.S. citizen hosting events in the United States, submit a Form W-8 (e.g., W-BEN, W-8BEN-E, other) instead.

Your Humanitix event payouts will be withheld if you do not provide your taxpayer information

Who is required to enter taxpayer information?

You are required to enter taxpayer information if you have:

  • Hosted events in the US and have USD payouts

  • Hosted events in the US and have international payouts

  • Hosted events internationally and have USD payouts

You still need to provide your taxpayer information if you're a nonprofit. Humanitix must collect taxpayer information for all paid events regardless of tax status.

If your account meets these requirements, Humanitix will email the account owner’s email address.

How to enter your taxpayer information

Before you start:

  • The taxpayer information you enter must match the bank account used to receive the payout.

  • You can only enter one set of taxpayer information per Humanitix account.

  • If you need help filling out the tax form, check out the form instructions for W-9 available on the IRS website.

  • You must be the account owner. If you're a team member on the account, contact your account owner to fill in the taxpayer information.

To enter your taxpayer information:

  1. Log in to your Humanitix account and select Account > My Account from the top menu bar.

  2. From the left navigation menu, click Taxpayer info.

  3. Select your tax status and complete the secure digital form that appears.

  4. Click Save.

To update your taxpayer information, select the form again, make your edits and click Save.

If you don’t enter your taxpayer information

If you don't enter your taxpayer information, Humanitix will hold your payouts.

Once taxpayer information is added, Humanitix sends eligible payouts in the next payment run. You should expect your payment to land within 5 business days.

1099-K and reporting information

The 1099-K is an informational form that summarizes the sales activity of your account. It is designed to assist you in reporting your taxes.

In January of each calendar year, Humanitix mails a 1099-K to each qualified organizer who entered taxpayer information. If you did not receive your 1099-K or need it resent, please contact the Humanitix team. You can login and use the livechat bubble to send us a message.

Humanitix is unable to offer tax advice. If you have questions about how to report the transactions listed in your 1099-K, consult a tax professional.

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