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How to edit and make the most out of your event description
How to edit and make the most out of your event description

Sell your event with an engaging and informative event description!

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Event descriptions are a great way to give your audience more context as to what to expect from your event and make it more enticing. This article will outline some handy features and useful tips.

📑Add and edit your event description

You will be prompted to add your event description when first drafting your event.

You can also add and edit your event description at any time.

  1. Manage your event via the events tab on the top menu bar

  2. Navigate to event information

  3. Select the details tab

  4. Scroll down to your event description

🖋️Tips for writing your event description

  • Make your event sound enticing and exciting

  • Give a detailed description of what to expect and the benefits of attending

  • Keep your copy short and sweet

  • Avoid using big blocks of text

  • Break it down into sections and use bullet points

Most people only skim-read. You only have 10 seconds to capture someone’s attention before they move on.

Change the styling of your text

Use the top action bar to adjust things like headings, bold, italics and add tables and links

Insert images and videos

To upload an image

  1. Click the image icon

  2. Select upload image and choose your file from your device OR

  3. Enter a URL of an online an image and select add image

  • To resize an image, click on the image itself and drag the dot at the bottom right corner of the image

🧩 Embed widgets and iframes

Using a provided iframe or html , you can embed Spotify playlists, social media feeds, PDF docs, or other embeddedable webapps right into your event description

  1. Find and copy the iframe or html of the embed

    For example, it may look like this:

    <iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

  2. Click on the html <> icon in the action bar

3. Paste the embed code into the desired location

🌐 Mix in those SEO (search engine optimised) keywords

This is more advanced, but if you want to bring it to the next level, here’s a Hubspot guide explaining how it all works.

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