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Create a Tour Page to showcase your event series
Create a Tour Page to showcase your event series
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Tour pages are dedicated landing pages that you can use to showcase multiple events. They are a great alternative to sharing multiple event page links when promoting various events or event series.

How to create a Tours Page

  1. Navigate to the promote > tours page on the top menu bar

  2. Click Create tour page and enter:

    1. Tour page name

    2. Tour page banner image

  3. Under Tour Events, search and select events that will feature on this page

    1. Featured events will appear at the top

  4. Optional: Enter a description

  5. Add your social media links and sponsor logos

  6. Click Save and your tour page will be saved as a draft

  7. You will need to publish your event when you're ready

Publishing a tour page will publish all draft events that are featured - make sure you are ready to promote your events before publishing the tour page

When adding your social media links in the tour page you will need to provide the full URL, for example:

You must add at least one event to your Tour page before you can save a draft/publish a tour page

​Tour groups, settings, and styling

After saving your tour page you can further customise the look and feel of your page by using the tour groups, settings, and styling tabs

  • Tour groups can be used to showcase events by particular themes, contents, locations

  • Settings can be used to change the layout of the events on your tour page

  • Styling can be used to change the colours, themes and wording of the "Get Tickets" button

Share your Tours Page

When you're ready to share your Tour page, you'll need to copy the tour URL found under the tour page tab when editing your Tour Page

Use the edit ✏️button to edit the URL

💡 Tips and commonly asked questions

I can't see a Tour Page under the Promote > Tours section (even though I've been shared permissions)

Tour pages are housed under the account of the host who created them - the owner of the tour page will need to log into their account in order to make any changes to the tour page.

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