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Share your event on Facebook
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Save yourself some time and get your event out there to the masses in a flash using our Facebook integration to seamlessly create a Facebook event on your page without needing to double-up on your hard work!

🤝 Connect your Facebook account

Your event must be published before connecting to Facebook

  1. Select your event via the events tab on the top menu bar

  2. Click promote > Facebook event from the left-hand menu

  3. Click connect to Facebook

  4. Log into your Facebook account using your Facebook credentials

  5. Select the page(s) under your Facebook you would like to create Facebook events under

  6. Click create new Facebook event

  7. Select your page, review your event information, and Facebook event category

  8. Click create event

  9. Repeat these steps with each of your pages (if required)

✅ A Facebook event will be created using your Humanitix event page’s event banner and event description. A handy get tickets link will also appear on your Facebook event page.

🔄 Update your Facebook event

Made changes to your event description, date, and/or time? Pass on these changes in no time

  1. Make changes to your event via Humanitix

  2. Click promote > Facebook event

  3. Select the Facebook event you would like to update

  4. Click update event

📝You’ll need to manually sync your Humanitix and Facebook event. Changes made to your Humanitix event will not automatically update on Facebook.

ℹ️ Changes made to your Facebook event via Facebook will not update your Humanitix event.

❌ Delete your Facebook event

⚠️ We recommend removing your Facebook event via Humanitix first if you intend to cancel / unpublish your event.

  1. Click promote > facebook event

  2. Select the Facebook event you wish to remove

  3. Click remove from facebook

​❓Commonly asked questions

I cannot see the Facebook page I want when I go to create an event

A. Make sure you are logged in with a Facebook account that controls or has access to that particular Facebook page

B. Disconnect and Reconnect your Facebook account. Follow the prompts to edit previous settings and make sure all pages are selected. Complete the connection

Can I create a Facebook event directly to a group?

No, Facebook events must be created directly to a Facebook page. You can share to a group afterwards.

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