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Ticket Groups

Running an event with a lot of ticket options? Clean up your ticket selection process by grouping similar ticket types together

Updated over a week ago

Ticket groups can be used to clean up and simplify your ticket selection page, grouping together subsets of ticket types into drop-down options. Save your buyers time and frustration scrolling and help them find the right tickets for them.

Ticket groups only affect how tickets are displayed on the event page and do not reflect on your reporting.

If you need to create "Group" or "Table" options check our guide on packaged tickets

Create a new ticket group

First, create your ticket types via the tickets > ticket types page

  1. Navigate to tickets > ticket groups on the left-hand menu bar

  2. Click create group

  3. Enter a name for your group

  4. Select the tickets that are included in this group

For example: Festival access-only tickets, Monday tickets only, Livestream tickets only, Series pass and bundle/family tickets

Click preview/view in the top right to see your event page and how the tickets and ticket groups will appear for your guests

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