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Add custom messages to the order confirmation email
Add custom messages to the order confirmation email

Add important info, FAQs, or useful links to the confirmation email a buyer receives

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Custom messages can be added to the confirmation email that a buyer automatically receives after their registration and are a perfect way to provide additional information, instructions, links for online content, and anything else you may want to communicate to buyers immediately.

✍ Create your custom message

  1. Select your event via the events tab on the top menu bar

  2. Navigate to the design & comms > messages page of your event using your left-hand menu bar

  3. Click the email message tab

  4. In the space provided, enter your custom message

  5. Add personalisations using the shortcuts provided > click save

Due to the nature of how these emails are generated and deliverability, you cannot:

  • Add attachments to this order confirmation email

  • Add additional images to custom messages

Personalise your custom message using shortcuts!

Copy+paste or type "@" and select from one of the available shortcuts

Click the preview button to see what a sample confirmation email will look like

🎫 Create a custom message for individual ticket types

You can add custom messages that will appear for only buyers of specific ticket types. Any message entered into the primary message field will appear for all buyers
1. Click +add message below the primary message field

2. Select all ticket types that this message will apply to

3. Enter your message

If an order contains multiple ticket types that each have a custom message, the confirmation email will show all messages

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