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Set up invoicing as an alternative payment option
Set up invoicing as an alternative payment option

Use Humanitix invoicing for easy billing. It helps big groups & schools pay directly into your account, making it easy to track your money!

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You can enable invoicing as an alternative payment method for your event. Buyers can choose and reserve their tickets but can opt to receive an invoice with your bank details and/or cheque payment details so they can pay later.

You can also use Humanitix to track and manage the payment of these invoices

Accommodate larger businesses, organizations, and school purchases!

⚙️ Set up invoicing for your event

  1. Manage your event via the events tab on the top menu bar

  2. Head to payments and fees > gateways

  3. Select set up on the Humanitix invoicing option > enable invoicing

  4. Follow the prompts to complete your business details including Business ID and address

  5. Toggle on bank transfer and select your bank account
    If you have not created a bank account yet do so via account > my account > bank accounts

    A buyer will receive a confirmation email with an invoice with your payment details after they have registered for your event

  6. Optional: Allow cheque payments by toggling on cheque

  7. Optional: Add a logo to the buyer’s invoice

Want to send out your own invoices?

Are you using your own invoicing software such as Zoho, Xero?

Toggle on send invoices manually

Buyers will receive a confirmation email after registering stating that you, the host, will be in touch with an invoice. Draw up an invoice with your preferred software and forward it to the buyer using their contact details found on the reports > paid by invoice page.

🔏 Control who can pay via invoice

Limit who can pay via invoice to certain attendees by sharing them a unique access link

Invoicing enabled for only select attendees:

  1. Toggle ON only allow invoices via a link

  2. Copy and share the invoice-enabled event page link that appears below

  3. Pay by invoice will appear as an alternative payment option for only these unique link holders

Invoicing available for everyone:

  1. Toggle OFF only allow invoices via a link

  2. Pay by invoice will appear as a payment option for all attendees during checkout

🎫 Send tickets before or after payment transfer?

By default, tickets are not sent in the confirmation email to the buyer in addition to their invoice. This ensures you have received funds before giving them access to the event. Tickets must be sent manually once you have confirmed the payment has been made.

To send tickets to a buyer:

  1. Locate the order via reports > paid by invoice

  2. Click actions > mark as paid

  3. You will be prompted to resend tickets. They will receive a new confirmation email with their ticket link.

To send tickets immediately after checkout:

  1. Toggle on tickets sent after checkout

  2. Buyers will receive a confirmation email with their invoice as well as their ticket link

Make sure you have received payments from all ticket holders as Humanitix cannot see payments made into your own bank account. Read on to see how we can help keep track of payments.

🔎 Track and manage orders paid via invoice

All orders paid via invoice are found under the reports > paid by invoice page. These can also be viewed on an event level under orders / refunds > paid by invoice.

On each order click actions to do the following:

Mark as paid

If a payment has been made into your account. The financial status of the order will need to be manually changed from requires payment to paid

Mark as sent

Applicable if you are sending out invoices manually

Resend tickets

Resend an order confirmation email to the buyer. This will include the invoice and a link to their digital tickets. If you do not wish to give access to their tickets prior to their payment we recommend downloading the invoice and resending it manually.

Cancel an unpaid order

Completely remove/cancel an order by clicking remove invoice. Please note this cannot be undone

Refund/cancel a paid order

If a paid order must be cancelled and/or refunded, you can generate a refund confirmation email to the buyer by selecting refund/cancel ticket. This order will also be reflected on your reporting as refunded.

Note: Since Humanitix has no access to these funds nor the buyer's bank account details, no monies will actually be transferred. It is up to you to arrange the refund with the buyer directly.

Remove tickets / amend the invoice

Tickets cannot be added to an existing order but can be cancelled / removed and a new invoice generated for the buyer.

  1. Locate the invoice under reports > paid by invoice

  2. Click actions > mark as paid

  3. Click Refund / Cancel tickets

  4. Check the ticket item you wish to remove and put in the right refund amount to adjust the total of the invoice;

  5. Uncheck the send refund confirmation email box to avoid confusion, as no refund is being supplied.

If a buyer requires new or additional tickets, they must complete a new transaction on the event. You can remove their original invoice/order if they have made no payment, and direct them to make the correct transaction, including all desired tickets.

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