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Sell tickets and showcase events on your website with widgets
Sell tickets and showcase events on your website with widgets

Create a seamless buying experience with our embedded widgets. Sell tickets or beautifully showcase your lineup from your own website

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How to create and add an embedded widget to your website

To add a widget to your website, you must copy the iframe code automatically generated by Humanitix. Each widget option will have a unique iframe code. To see the widget options:

  1. Manage your event

  2. Head to design & comms > embedded widgets via the left-hand menu bar

  3. Select your widget type

  4. Click to copy the iframe code below the widget preview

  5. Paste the iframe code into your website or website builder

You can also search for global-level widgets via account > advanced > global widgets

Your event must be published for the widget to work
โ€‹Event listing and custom search widgets will only display published and public events

Don't know where to paste the code for your website? Ask your web developer. If you use a website builder like Squarespace or Wix, check out their support for "embed html or iframe" articles.

๐ŸŽซ Buy tickets widget

The buy tickets widget is the best option to sell tickets on your website. This option plugs the entire checkout journey into your website to keep attendees right where you want them.

Multiple buy tickets widgets are not designed to be on the same page. If you have multiple events, either build separate landing pages for each event or use any of our other styles of widgets.

๐Ÿ—ƒ๏ธ Event listing widget

The event listing widget is a quick way to feature all your events or events from a specific host profile on your website. Events are displayed in a list of event cards and will direct your buyers to the Humanitix event page


๐Ÿ”Ž Custom search widget

The custom search widget is a more comprehensive option to feature all or some events on your website. Give your buyers the freedom to search for your event on your website. This widget is great for organisers running many events across different locations and dates.


The custom search widget is compatible with tags and allows you to create a filtered list of your events. This is perfect if you have a complex website and wish to embed different subsets of your events on different pages of your website.

Tags are not available by default. To request this feature, please raise a support ticket.

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Troubleshoot your widgets

Something doesnโ€™t seem right? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers!

โ€‹The preview/widget is showing โ€œno events foundโ€

If your widget shows the message "no events found" then make sure your event is published and set to public. Private events will not show up on event listing and custom search widgets.

An event is not showing on my events listing widget

If an event does not appear in your widget make sure you are selecting the correct host profile (if applicable) for the widget and that the correct profile is linked to the event.
You can review or apply a host profile via the event information > details page of an event. Ensure the event is also public.

My website is stuttering, not loading, or the formatting is incorrect on my widget

If your website is experiencing stuttering or other loading and formatting issues after adding your widget, this is often due to how the widget has been inserted, not an issue with the widget itself. Refer back to your web developers or review your website build. Ensure you have followed the steps to insert an iframe onto your website. The steps may differ based on your website builder (e.g. Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace).

My website is auto-scrolling after adding the buy tickets widget

Auto-scrolling is implemented with the buy tickets widget. This ensures that the buyer is brought to the top of the iframe within each stage of the checkout process. You can remove the auto-scrolling from the buy tickets widget by adding the following HTML to the widget iframe. Please note this will impact how the widget loads - especially mobile.

if (iframeEl && messageData && messageData.pageChange) { window.scroll(0, humanitix.findPos(iframeEl)); }

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