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Find and edit your event page URL
Find and edit your event page URL
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βœ… An event page URL is automatically created when you first draft an event.

Your event page URL is the link you will share with your buyers and on all promotions as the portal to buy tickets

The event URL can only be accessed by the public after the event is published

Copy your event page URL from your event listing page

  1. Head to the events tab on the top menu bar

  2. Click the menu "..." button on your chosen event

  3. Click copy URL

View and edit your event page URL

  1. Manage your event

  2. The event URL is found at the top of the overview page

  3. Click copy to copy the URL

  4. Click edit ✏️ to edit the URL

Changing the event page URL will 'break' the original link

If you have shared the event page URL previously, buyers can no longer access via that link. You will need to update the URL wherever you may have shared it.

πŸ’‘ Send buyers straight to the ticket selection page

Speed up your buyer's customer journey by sending them straight to the ticket selection page, bypassing the main event page. This is helpful if you've already advertised the event information already on a website or social media post.

  1. Manage your event

  2. Navigate to design & comms > embedded widgets on the left-hand menu bar

  3. Click direct link

  4. Copy the ticketing page link

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