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How to contact event host support on Humanitix?
How to contact event host support on Humanitix?

A whole new way to get help for Humanitix event hosts

Updated over a week ago

This guide is for event hosts only. Click here if you are a ticket buyer.

We have reimagined how we can help you, our beloved event hosts, run more events better and faster!

How to get help from now on

We have put everything in one place so you can stay focused on running your events. To access the new support hub:

  1. Log in using your Humanitix account

  2. Click on the peachy chat button on the bottom right

  3. From here, search for help to find answers from hundreds of articles our team has worked hard on

  4. If you need more assistance, send us a message!

What has changed

  1. We have retired our old help centre and made a better one!

  2. We have centralised all the help you need into one button and streamlined the support channels.

In other words, help has never been more straightforward, intuitive and accessible!

What stays the same

The same human touch you love - our team is here to give you a hand!

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