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Tips for Managing VIP guests
Tips for Managing VIP guests

VIPs and Special Guests can require a little bit of extra care to ensure they are safe and their needs can be accommodated.

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Having a VIP, Special Guest, or Speaker can really make an event into that magic experience. But it can require a little bit of extra planning to accommodate them. You’ll need to make sure they can attend safely, and that your whole staff is aware of them on the day.

Managing VIP guests

Managing VIP guests really comes down to being able to identify them, and communicate to staff that the person has arrived. Some things you might want to ensure are:

  • Safe entry (possibly in a fast track lane or being ushered into the venue)

  • Staff can direct them to the right place

  • Any complimentary drinks or goodies are readily available

  • You can communicate with staff where this person needs to be, and when.

Luckily, with our VIP Management suite, it has never been easier to make special arrangements for managing VIP guests, and making sure they feel comfortable in the lead-up and on the day.

Unique scanning messages for VIPs

Set-up scanner messages to appear when particular guest or ticket-types are scanned. This will appear on the device being held by the ticket scanners, so they can direct this person to the right area.

Example message: "This is a VIP, please welcome them, offer a glass of prosecco and intro to Jenny."

This is hugely useful on the day, and ensures that staff only need to follow onscreen prompts (no need to memorise faces and try and guess who the VIP might be). Here’s the guide set-up scanner messages.

Create VIP access codes and links

You can create special access codes/hidden tickets for VIP registration. This can allow them to sign up early, or ensure that their allocation isn’t sold to someone else.

Generate comp tickets & bulk upload guestlists

Follow these links to learn more about issuing comp tickets and bulk uploading guest lists.

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